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HBO MAX™ Activation Tutorial

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Enjoy original series, family programming, documentaries, Blockbuster movies, and exclusive coverage of best film festivals. No commercial breaks.

  • Original HBO® content.

    • Exclusive series

    • Insightful documentaries

  • The best Hollywood documentaries

  • The best HBO® content, 24/7:

    • Original series from the past and present, perfect for binge-watching

    • Original movies and documentaries

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  • Programming at alternate viewing times

HBO Mundi.png
  • Independent cinema from around the globe

    • International series

    • Award-winning content from prestigious film festivals

HBO Plus.png
  • The perfect channel for a younger audience and the fans of:

    • Irreverent comedies

    • Superhero, horror and sci-fi movies

HBO Pop.png
  • Fun movies: comedy, romance and fantasy

HBO Family.png
  • Programming for all ages

  • Animated movies

  • Parental control to block other channels

HBO Xtreme.png
  • Movies full of action, adrenaline and adventure

  • Exclusive series